As a major business hub within the Greater Toronto Area, Markham helps power Canada's economic engine.

Choosing Markham

If you’re deciding on a Canadian location for your company, we’re here for you.

Talk to us about Markham’s strategic location, our research and development expertise, highly skilled talent pool, demographic strengths, and opportunities to work with innovative companies and accelerators that already call Markham home.




of residents have a post-secondary education
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Choosing a Site or Facility

If you’re looking to lease or buy an existing building or construct on vacant land, our staff is here to help. Our team can provide overviews of any area you’re considering, including nearby businesses, demographic profiles, amenities, housing, highway infrastructure, public transit routes, and the overall planning vision.

Start your search for a vacant facility in Markham here.




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Start Out in a Co-Working Space

If you are looking to test the waters in Markham, a good place to start is out of a co-working space - get a desk or two, network with others to build a sense of community and get a feel for what it's like to work out of Markham.

*Offers incubator/accelerator programs

Building something new

For those looking to build from the ground up, the City of Markham has a Development Facilitation Office.

We’re here to help your engineering consultants navigate and accelerate the City’s development process. We work hand-in-hand with city departments to understand timelines, anticipate roadblocks and help find solutions.

Every business development has a dedicated Project Manager to provide timely updates and advocate on your behalf.


Value of Building Permits, 2022


Value of Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Permits, 2022
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