Eabametoong First Nation; Loss of School

Mar 07, 2024

Dear Community Partner,

Markham prides itself in being a compassionate, caring and kind community. In our community, we look after one another and care for the wellbeing of each other. With that Markham spirit, we are undertaking an initiative to support our partners at Eabametoong First Nation.

Eabametoong is an Ojibway First Nation located 360 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Ontario on the northern shore of Eabamet Lake. The community is located approximately 1,000 kilometres north of Markham and the total population of Eabametoong is approximately 1,600.

The City of Markham is proud to have signed a historic agreement with Eabametoong First Nation, also known as Fort Hope, in 2017. The partnership includes a focus on promoting social, cultural and economic collaboration. It also is focused on promoting harmony and goodwill for the betterment of Eabametoong and Markham residents.

Eabametoong recently suffered a devastating fire to their only school. This has resulted in 300 students being displaced and finding alternative solutions to providing education. The leadership and residents of Eabametoong have come together and are aiming to construct a temporary school in time for September 2024. The community is determined more than ever to build a new school. Eabametoong is a resilient community and I am confident that this major setback will only make the community stronger.

A capital campaign has been established to help support the community in providing temporary schooling resources, including computers, books and recreation equipment. We are seeking support from our Markham community, including from our corporate partners, to lend a helping hand to our partners in Eabametoong. I hope you will consider supporting this important campaign aimed at providing interim educational supports to the children and educators. 

Thank you for continuing to support local initiatives, for stepping up and for being steadfast partners in our City. We look forward to your positive response.

DONATE HERE: Achieving the Dream Through Education: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/98564

Kind regards,
Frank Scarpitti