From writing a proposal to the launch and operating stage, I’m grateful for the Summer Company Program and mentors that helped me greatly through the process. To see "shoops & letters" come to life and be able to use my passion for art to create for others is something I continue to grow my art practice around.
Ashlyn Wong
Founder, shoops & letters
After challenges in the beginning...I opened my restaurant in Unionville which would not have been possible without the help of the Markham Small Business Centre. While running the business now and in the future, I am very confident that I am, and will be, backed and supported by them.
Juyoun Hong (and Daehyun Kim)
Owners of Pig and Chick Korean Restaurant
The Economic Development team helped me kickoff my business. I began with the Starter Company grant where I learned basic business fundamentals and was paired with a mentor whom I am still in contact with today. This team has been very resourceful in helping give advice and suggestions to businesses, plus, they are a pretty awesome group!
Sylvia Chan
Founder and Artistic Director, Creative Genius Academy
Equipped with the latest technology and connectivity tools, the Canadian Technical Centre (CTC) Markham campus enables employees to innovate, collaborate and lead the future of mobility, right here in Canada.
Tobias Suenner
Vice President of the GM Canadian Technical Centre, General Motors Canada
Pond located in Markham because it’s a high technology company that needs access to other high technology companies... It’s one of the few geographies that affords us the opportunity to do anything we need within a close limited geography of where we’re standing.
Steve Martin
CEO, Pond Tech
I like being in Markham. It's a tech hub with many things around us — restaurants, entertainment, and great people.
Richard Fung
Co-Founder and CEO, The Six Semiconductor Inc.
TD Bank Financial Group is proud to be one of the largest employers in the City of Markham...
Dero Sabatini
Vice President - York Region Commercial Center, TD
We find that there’s a lot of great talent in the market, especially engineers for our manufacturing unit. It’s good to be in Markham since it’s a major tech hub for Canada’s blue chip organizations and innovation companies.
Cyril Fernandes
SVP of Global Business Development , Vexos
The fact that Markham has been able to raise its profile through the Mayor’s initiatives, and the economic development team’s initiatives globally, most recently in India, serves companies like NOVO very well because when we go to India to do business, Markham is already on the map… It’s a great place to do business, and we’re proud to be here.
Baljit Sierra
President and CEO, NOVO Plastics Inc.
Markham provides excellent government research and development incentive programs and high-quality institutions attracting and nurturing engineering talent from around the world to create centers of excellence, especially in the areas of AI/machine learning and automotive applications.
Sai-Kit Eng
Senior Director of Engineering Operations , Qualcomm Canada ULC