Calilia Limited Enhances Health with Precision Medicine for Skin, Subdermal Tissue, and Ocular Surfaces

Apr 02, 2024

Our hearts and lungs may be our hardest-working organs, but they don’t take anywhere near the daily damage of our exposed organs—our skin and eyes. While an entire industry is focused on skin and eye care, its solutions are often conventional devices that do not take advantage of modern technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

These tools have significant shortcomings, including an inability to recommend personalized treatment plans based on diagnostic data and low hardware precision. These limitations mean medical practitioners may have to spend months or even years mastering the equipment. It also means they can be potentially unsafe for patients.

Calilia International's solution involves creating robots that surpass the expertise of master-level human doctors, featuring eyes (sensors), a brain (AI core), the capacity to learn (continuously evolving algorithms), and hands (automated operations), offering robotic alternatives to human medical practitioners.

Calilia recently launched its therapeutic robotic line with Superflow Prime, a groundbreaking fusion of advanced technology and precision medicine to address these issues. Its robots are equipped with a sophisticated visual system that combines 2D and 3D imaging and comprehensive skin and tissue analysis to create a new benchmark in Precision Medicine.

Superflow Prime also offers healthcare professionals a new way to provide plasma therapy, a traditionally complex treatment now simplified and made more accessible through artificial intelligence (AI). Calilia also uses deep learning technologies to continuously enhance procedural performance and improve patient outcomes.

Professor Sanny Yuzhen Jiang, CEO of Calilia, said the company is inspired by its core team's background in ophthalmology and the success of femtosecond laser technology in myopia surgery. The technology significantly enhances efficiency and safety, allowing a single machine to perform up to 120 surgeries daily with a success rate of up to 99.8%.

“We see a clear pathway to replicate this success in the skin and soft tissue treatment market. By harnessing the unparalleled safety and effectiveness achievable only through robotic operation, we aim to significantly boost patient safety and hospital revenue capabilities. I can confidently say that in the field of intelligent skin and soft tissue treatment and anti-aging, we have achieved global leadership," said Jiang.

Another innovation from Calilia is FAITH, a high-definition AI system for aesthetic analysis and consultation. FAITH employs a 78-million-pixel camera and advanced 3D modelling technology that delivers unparalleled standards in skin analysis precision.

FAITH's launch of an integrated virtual consultation room and its scalable, innovative features, such as facial sculpting and an e-commerce platform, has transformed remote diagnostics and business success in the cosmetic medicine sector into an achievable reality. FAITH represents a transformative movement in medical aesthetics, heralding a future where increased precision, personalization, and accessibility dramatically reshape the approach to aesthetic consultation.

In 2023, the company made its significant international expansion with the opening of Calilia Limited in Markham. Its team is working towards launching a research and development center and manufacturing facility in the city. Jiang said the company was motivated to choose Markham’s based on its world-class infrastructure and welcoming community.

“As Canada's innovation centre, Markham has a rich atmosphere of technological innovation, a high concentration of tech firms, and a highly educated workforce,” added Jiang.

The Calilia team recently toured VentureLab, the Markham-based founder community for hardware technology and enterprise software startups. Calilia’s CTO, Dr Wenyang Sun, said he was awed by the innovations developed there.

“Markham's high-tech industry will play an indispensable role in propelling our robotics venture forward,” stated Rui Su, co-founder of Calilia.

Jiang said the company was motivated to choose Markham’s based on its world-class infrastructure and welcoming community.

“The astonishing level of service and professionalism exhibited by the city's mayor, municipal hall, and industry experts stands out as the reason for our decision to establish our operations in Markham,” said Jiang. “It is rare to encounter a team as professional and dedicated as Markham's. We have great faith in our future in Markham.”