Markham - A Critical Node for Swedish Autotech Company, Veoneer

Oct 02, 2023

For Veoneer, a global leader in automotive safety, Markham is the epicentre of its North American manufacturing operations. The Markham plant is a critical manufacturing node for Veoneer’s suite of active safety products including safety sensors like vision, radar, lidar, thermal sensing, and restraint control systems to be used by many of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

“All of our products are designed to make the car safer,” says Markus Rieser, General Manager of Veoneer’s Markham plant. “We’re focused on innovative, best-in-class solutions and products for well-known automotive manufacturers.”

With operations worldwide, the company is one of the key players at the forefront of automotive technology. But for Veoneer, being global means creating regional manufacturing hubs. “Veoneer is regionally focused – we supply our products out of five different plants in the world,” explains Rieser.

The 15,000-square-foot Markham plant employs 650 people. “We are in the process of getting a second facility two and a half kilometres north – still in Markham – which will double us in size,” adds Rieser. In addition to supplying systems and sensors to the North American market, the plant is also the global home base for Veoneer’s radar manufacturing process.

“We understand there’s a higher cost to produce in Canada,” says Rieser. “But we're working towards a highly efficient production process.” Moreso, Markham gives Veoneer access to a highly-skilled, stable workforce with a low turnover rate. “People that are highly trained and very knowledgeable,” he says. “Ultimately, this leads to a very high-quality record of our product… this is an outcome of being in Markham.”

From a logistics perspective, Rieser points out that Michigan – where many of Veoneer’s auto manufacturing customers are – is a couple of hours drive via the 401. “We’re close to our customers,” he says. That proximity matters, especially when customers want to see the work being done within the plant. “It also works the other way,” says Rieser. Being surrounded by technology – the city is a vital Canadian technology hub, boasting the highest concentration of tech workers per capita compared to the rest of the country. And being immersed in an auto sector which includes 440 businesses, employing about 6,000 people in parts manufacturing, distribution, wholesaling and dealership, and innovation means customers are often coming to Markham. “It’s a great area for connecting with the people and companies who are supporting the automotive industry or process needed for manufacturing.”

Going forward, Veoneer’s Markham plant will continue to play a role in the future of safe driving. As more autonomous elements are introduced to vehicles, Veoneer technology like vision sensors that can analyze and interpret the complexity of street scenes and thermal sensing systems that detect pedestrians and animals, helping drivers see four times the headlight range and engage automatic emergency braking will be critical.

Those products will be designed and tested in designated facilities. But when it comes to bringing those products into the real world, the Markham plant will continue to be the link between innovation and implementation. “Around 94% of our parts in Markham are delivered to customers in North and South America, all others are distributed to the other continents.

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