Stay Connected to Your Valuables with YoGPS

Apr 30, 2024

Vehicle thefts continue to be a growing problem across Canada. Across Ontario, there have been over 45,000 vehicle thefts in 2023 — an almost 45% increase from the previous year. While solutions like Tile and Apple AirTags can track items such as your keys, they have range limitations that prevent them from being a complete solution to track vehicles, equipment and other assets.

Helping consumers and businesses track their valuables is the mission of Markham-based YoGPS. The company has developed innovative global positioning system-based (GPS) trackers that can be used for almost any item, from a vehicle to a suitcase to your pet. A YoGPS spokesperson said they are the only Canadian company that offers a full suite of GPS-based trackers, including wired trackers for transport trucks, solar-powered trackers for golf carts and other outdoor vehicles, and a wireless magnetic tracker for personal vehicles.

YoGPS’s founding team brings extensive experience in global positioning system (GPS) software and Internet of Things (IoT) design and development. While consumers have tracking options like Tile and Apple AirTags, the spokesperson said those technologies have limitations that GPS-based trackers can address.

AirTags and Tile are Bluetooth-based trackers. With AirTag, the device will determine its location based on the nearest iPhone. If the item you’re tracking goes into an area with no iPhones, the AirTag will be unable to locate itself. Tile has a similar limitation. The device needs to talk directly to your smartphone to determine its location, creating a tracking range of 10 to 50 meters.

“GPS trackers talk to satellites—they are not reliant on your phone. They can track anywhere across the globe. If your car is in Cuba and your luggage is in Denmark, YoGPS trackers can quickly determine their location and then use cell towers to communicate this precise location to your smartphone,” the spokesperson said.

Initially developed for military use, GPS technology has been available to consumers since the late 1980s. At first, devices that used GPS technology were expensive, putting personal and business GPS tracking out of reach for most users. While the technology’s costs have decreased over the last 20 years, YoGPS wants to make the technology even more accessible.

“There are two main pain points we’re solving. First, GPS tracking companies often try to tie you down to a contract. With YoGPS, there is no contract. You pay month-to-month as you need an item tracked. Second, the existing software is too complex. It often requires an IT department to manage it. Our software is cloud-based and easy to use, you simply log in and click the item you want to locate,” the spokesperson said.

YoGPS’s team chose Markham for multiple reasons, including wanting to be a short distance from their homes. The spokesperson also said that the City of Markham is fully committed to supporting small businesses.

“Mayor Frank Scarpitti is always finding ways to support us and help us connect with businesses across Markham, the GTA, and Ontario. Markham is also an IT hub — so it’s a great place to be if you’re a technology company like YoGPS,” the spokesperson said. “We did contemplate looking at offices around different areas, but we did not move because we feel very supported here in Markham.”