Syntronic: Engineering Solutions, Markham Connections

Apr 17, 2024

What do Tokyo, Shanghai, Stokholm, Dubai, and Markham all have in common? They are all home to Syntronic facilities, a global design house offering product solutions and expertise in the design of systems related to electronics, software, and mechanics, from concept and design to production and aftermarket services. Syntronic’s global offices across nine countries support Fortune 500 giants, medium-sized enterprises and leading startups, and its 10,000-square-foot Markham facility is no different.

With Amin Rajaie leading the charge as the Markham Site Lead and Director of Engineering, the state-of-the-art site has adapted to suit the local business ecosystem, focusing largely on automotive, telecom, and industrial clients. Recent projects for the Markham office, which opened in 2022, have included designing electronics and embedded software for high-speed applications as well as high-power applications such as EVs.

Rajaie explains that businesses seek out Syntronic for their expertise and efficiency in design and product delivery. “Our primary strength lies in our domain expertise and exceptional agility, enabling us to quickly adapt and deliver cutting-edge solutions on time,” he says. As Rajaie describes it, Syntronic can design, test and pivot swiftly. “We have a large team of experts, empowering us to handpick the most suitable individuals for each project. That’s what differentiates us; we assemble the right team to ensure projects are successful in terms of time to market as well as total cost of development. Our aspiration is to offer the same premier design and service excellence as we do at our other established locations.”

Rajaie says Markham is an ideal satellite office to Ottawa’s hefty team due to both its talent pool and its proximity to clients. The city’s vibrant tech ecosystem around Commerce Valley provides a fertile ground for recruiting top-tier engineers, while its strategic location facilitates close collaboration with clients, including those across the border in the United States.

Currently composed of a diverse team of software and hardware engineers, Rajaie aims to grow to 100+ engineers within two years. “The density of talent here in our market is pretty high. It has that beehive effect. Team members get to work on different products and projects. The diversity of work is challenging and exciting, and they're right in front of the customer. On a more personal note, we're a growing team, and there’s something special about being part of the journey from the ground level, witnessing and contributing to the company's growth firsthand.”