Markham is home to several communities full of rich and diverse local businesses. Find out more about who's visiting, what they're buying, and how you can use this data for your business!

Main Street Unionville

  • Historical village founded in 1794 with intact heritage buildings from early German settler roots/influence​
  • Home to many boutique shops and restaurants​
  • Has been used as a site for many filming projects​
  • Hosts a large annual festival in June​
  • Anchored by the Varley Art Gallery

3.1 M

Total Number of Visits

220.1 K

Number of Unique Visitors

256.7 K

Avg. Visits/Month
Main Street Unionville Road

Main Street Markham

  • One of Ontario’s oldest communities established in the early 1800s with row of historical buildings​
  • Farmer’s Market every Saturday from May to Oct​
  • Collection of boutique shops, unique restaurants and cafés, and professional service offices​
  • Anchored by the Markham Village Community Centre ​
    and Library

8.0 M

Total Number of Visits

402.8 K

Number of Unique Visitors

667.1 K

Avg. Visits/Month
Main St Markham 2

Markham Centre

  • Markham’s new urban centre​
  • Concentration of luxury retail goods, diverse restaurants, modern entertainment and amenities, and premium offices​
  • Future home to York University: Markham Campus and condo apartments – preparing for influx of students​
  • Close proximity to high school and GO transit station

5.5 M

Total Number of Visits

336.4 K

Number of Unique Visitors

455.5 K

Avg. Visits/Month
Downtown Markham Southeast

First Markham Place

  • East Asian indoor and outdoor shopping mall opened in 1998 with over 170 stores and services​
  • Diverse food options in food court and separate restaurants​
  • Served by Viva (Bus) Rapid Transit (Viva Pink and Purple)​
  • Close proximity to Seneca Polytechnic College ​Markham Campus and future Buttonville Airport Redevelopment

8.2 M

Total Number of Visits

473.1 K

Number of Unique Visitors

679.4 K

Avg. Visits/Month
First Markham Place

Pacific Mall and Milliken

  • Concentration of Chinese-owned businesses surrounded by suburban homes with customers from across the GTA​
  • Pacific Mall – East Asian shopping mall opened in 1996 (or 1997) on the former site of Cullen Country Barns and next to former Market Village shopping mall​
  • Denison Centre – mall owned by the Remington Group housing former Market Village stores/businesses

10 M

Total Number of Visits

592.3 K

Number of Unique Visitors

830.9 K

Avg. Visits/Month
Pacific Mall 1